Apr 13

ghmtadMore than 30 million Americans struggle with depression and anxiety. Reasons for that are numerous, but the most common ones are losing a job or having stress at work. It seems that working too much is not affecting Americans positively. Some of them are also having panic attacks. If you are one of them, try first with home remedies for panic attacks in order to solve your problem. First of all, sit down and think about what is causing your panic attacks. Get yourself a notebook and write all your worries down.

Then purchase herbal teas like chamomile or lemon balm that are soothing nerves. Some people that suffer from panic disorder also have problems with insomnia, so these teas may help in having good sleep. If you have addictions like smoking or drinking, quit them immediately. Addictions can make your condition even worse. Even smallest addictions like Facebook can make you feel awful. So quit with bad habits at once. Try making good habits instead. For instance, read books, exercise and learn some new craft like crocheting or pottery.  Go for short walks every day and listen to the music. Good habits and healthy routine can make your anxiety disappear.

Breathing Techniques Useful When Facing With Panic Attacks

To be relaxed when the stress comes is kind of art. But it can be practiced. When you feel normal and when you are sitting home in peace, you can use that opportunity and use specialized relaxing techniques that will help you when facing with panic attacks. You should learn how to deal with panic attacks when they come, but also how to prevent them. So, prevention lays in relaxing …

Apr 4


In an effort to provide a comprehensive picture of smoking, drinking, and substance abuse–including long-term trends, effects on society, media and cultural influences, approaches to and effectiveness of treatment, and future implications–the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has published a report that incorporates more than three decades’ worth of data from several hundred public and private sources.

The report, “Substance Abuse: The Nation’s Number One Health Problem,” substantiates its title by documenting that tobacco, alcohol, and drug use cause more illnesses, deaths, and disabilities than any other preventable health problem. Of the more than two million deaths in the United States each year, one in four is attributable to tobacco, alcohol, or illicit substances.

The report looks at substance abuse from several different perspectives, including the following:

Early use. More than 40 percent of those who started drinking at age 14 or younger developed alcohol dependence, compared with 10 percent of those who began drinking at age 20 or older.

Media depictions. Alcohol appeared in 93 percent and tobacco in 89 percent of the 200 most popular movie rentals in 1996 and 1997.

Crime. At least half of all adults arrested for major crimes–including theft and assault–tested positive for drugs at the time of their arrest.

Treatment. Fewer than one-fourth of those in need receive treatment, although studies show that treatment is successful in up to 70 percent of alcohol patients and 80 percent of opiate users (with success defined as a 50 percent reduction in substance use after six months). Of the U.S. government’s drug control budget, three in five dollars are spent on criminal justice and interdiction, but fewer than one in five on treatment.

Education. People with …

Mar 29


Various groups and individuals representing animal agriculture and the animal health industries feel FDA has failed to substantiate, on a scientific basis, a human health hazard resulting from fluoroquinolone use in poultry. In written comments filed with the agency, industry has told FDA it believes its action was based on unfounded assumptions, selective data and inappropriate risk assessments.

The issue of antibiotic resistance, including that being associated with fluoroquinolone use in poultry, is definitely a sensitive and far-reaching matter. It is an issue that concerns those producing meat products as well as those consuming them. Nevertheless, the points industry raises should not be ignored or simply brushed aside, for if they hold true, FDA could actually be putting more consumers at risk by banning fluoroquinolone use in poultry then by allowing the antimicrobial to remain on the market. There’s no question poultry producers and the birds they raise will suffer from the product’s removal.

Much of the difference of opinion that exists between FDA and industry surrounds the assessment of risk in regard to fluoroquinolone use in chickens and fluoroquinolone-resistant campylobacter in humans. Both sides believe the use of antibiotics in humans or animals could eventually result in the development of resistance or the creation of conditions that allow the expression and recognition of resistance genes that existed prior to antibiotic use. The unknown is the degree to which this has already occurred with campylobacter in poultry and whether an unacceptable risk is created when compared with the risks resulting from the withdrawal of therapeutic uses of enrofloxacin in poultry. As pointed out by the American Veterinary Medical Assn. (AVMA) and others, these risks include reduced animal health and welfare …

Mar 28

Hannah Hawkins, a Baptist who converted to Roman Catholicism, seems to relish breaking the mold and being difficult to pigeonhole. She started the Children of Mine Center for two reasons.


After working for Brooklyn College Community Partnership, she worked for eight years as an advisory neighborhood commissioner for Washington, D.C. In the District of Columbia, there are 37 Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, each composed of nine members. The groups advise the city government on issues such as zoning, streets, recreation, education, social services, sanitation, planning, safety, and health. Hawkins’ ANC work brought her into intimate contact with the ills besetting her community. She saw how crack cocaine was affecting the young people–and their children. She saw many young men being sent off to be warehoused in prison. She saw many young women jailed. She saw the despair.

In addition, her three sons–she has five children and is a grandmother of four–all became crack addicts. (Today, they have recovered and hold jobs. One is a chef at a halfway house. Another is a landscaper. Her daughters work in the computer field for the federal government.) Struggling with a heartbreaking situation so close to home moved her to become an activist.

Hawkins, who worked for 30 years as an administrative aide in the D.C. school system, being forced to retire on disability due to dangerously high blood pressure, was elected vice president of a group called Concerned Mothers Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse. Through her work there, she came in touch with a stream of wives and mothers and caring relatives in anguish because their loved ones had fallen prey to “this scourge.”

“JFK once said that he could not have …

Mar 27

infiniti-changeMost normal people try to give you some idea why the vehicle is in for service. They call before they come in, or they leave a note with the vehicle. These individuals realize that the more information they give us, the faster we can zero in on the problem and return the vehicle in a reasonable period of time. The other folks just don’t seem to understand that in order for the system to work they have to participate. Otherwise, the whole process screeches to a halt. The two vehicles in question had no such information accompanying them. They were just there.

In California, there isn’t a hell of a lot I can do with a vehicle that is just ‘there.’ Without a signed, written repair order, I’m dead in the water. That authorization must be for specific automotive service work and it must come from the registered vehicle owner in order to safely remain within the law. Remaining within the law roughly translates to retaining any hope of getting paid if there is a problem. Consequently, we’re pretty careful about who we trust when a vehicle appears without its owner or a clear, written authorization to proceed. We have to be.

The two cars left in the driveway were left without an appointment, authorization or instructions. Nevertheless, they were blocking the driveway and we had to do something with them or effectively remain closed for the rest of the day.

Reinforcing my theory that crazies love company, both owners turned up at precisely the same moment.

Both had been to the shop with other cars and other work in the past and had left the two vehicles in question

Mar 11


Once a brief guided tour of the dispensary, led by pharmacist Shafeeque Mohammed, was over,Mr Murdock’s first task of the day was to check the repeat prescriptions that had already been prepared by a dispenser.

Most of it was “pretty standard stuff” and, with the exception of one incomplete prescription, the job was finished without any major problems. The help of the BNF was only needed on a couple of occasions.

As the pharmacy is directly opposite a health centre and near a hospital, plenty of prescriptions soon started coming in and Mr Murdock and Mr Mohammed were suddenly extremely busy.

Getting into the swing

Mr Murdock seemed to find his bearings very quickly and was soon turning round prescriptions quite rapidly. There was some Calpol to be measured and poured into a bottle, and 84 Deltacortril tablets to be counted up.

“We used to do a lot more counting in my day; that has changed quite a lot with the introduction of patient packs, and rightly so,” said Mr Murdock.

He would like to see the introduction of patient packs speeded up, estimating that the current split is about 60 to 40 per cent in favour of packs. He put the blame for the delay firmly on the current Government.

“The last Tory Government was going to fund conversion to patient packs, but when Labour came into power they said `no way’ and insisted that the industry paid for it,” he explained, adding that no agreement on the subject had been reached with the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee either.

“It is a huge investment on industry’s part, but one that would allow us to automate a lot more,” he …

Mar 3

An announcement of unusual importance to every business owner

FOUR years ago, the Mechanical Contractors Association of Greater Kansas City, with help from the Kansas Association of Addiction Professionals, adopted and implemented a Drug Abuse Policy following negotiations with Plumbers Local No. 8 and Pipe Fitters Local No. 533.

In announcing it to the public, MCA said:



“It is our policy to provide a safe and healthful workplace for all employees. We understand that the construction industry is an inherently dangerous industry that is internally regulated by a variety of local, state and federal regulations. We recognize the problems and hazards associated with the use of drugs, alcohol and controlled substances.

“The purpose of this policy and program is to establish and promote a safe, efficient and productive working environment for all employees by providing a workplace and workforce free from illegal drugs, alcohol and controlled substances. This policy shall apply to all employees performing work covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreements. Each employer shall have in place a similar policy which shall apply to all other employees.”

If the contractors and two unions were starting to create an agreement and contract today, or asked to restate the policy, the parties involved would not change one sentence or one word of the original announcement. In plain, simple language, it gives the reason for the very existence of the Association and explains its membership growth.

MCA is still proud of the record of its proven drug policy. If the Association were not, it would not have continued to implement it for so long.

Just recently, for example, the fourth annual month-long drug screening was conducted in seven different area …

Feb 22

Everything starts at the bottom. The leading wrinkle cream brands that are now in the top wrinkle creams also started at the bottom. How did they become that known today? How long were they at the bottom? Until now, even though there are more than 500 products included on the major wrinkle creams list, people never be satisfied. This is not like skin tag removal products, of which there are very few. Nope, they still look for something better. That is why companies still strive to find the right kind of mix that will make their new product better than their previous. It is as if they are battling against their self.wcitpl

People nowadays, like the companies, they look for the right combination as well. They try to experiment what product will be good with this and that. That is how creative people are. Products included in the top wrinkle creams are brought to their place by the people. This wouldn’t be possible if they didn’t give people free test samples when they were only starting. Tester packs or packs that are enough until the effects are visible are what convinced people to purchase their product and resell them. Most resellers are very convinced customers. They are glad that they have known the product and they don’t want others to miss the opportunity of trying it!

Peer Influences Affect Marketing Growth Of Wrinkle Creams

One of the common factors of wrinkle creams’ popularity is peer influence (read about it here). How so? Most of the wrinkle creams in the top wrinkle creams lists were not so famous before. Thanks to those who backed their advertisements, they became …

Jan 13

It is sometimes challenging to find the right technician to repair hard drive crash. However, if you take time to research at any sources, you will be able to hire the best person for your needs. The very first thing that you have to do to repair hard drive crash is to seek help from anyone who is familiar with your computer problem. ftrtThese people can definitely recommend the best companies having the right technicians because they can relate to your concern. You just have to weigh their opinions against the feedback that you have read from the internet. Do not be contented on what you hear from the people around. Maximize the internet in order to validate all the information you have gathered.

The hard drive needs to be fixed at the soonest time possible in order to keep your computer system functional. If the technician is not capable of fixing this concern, it might impose harm to your hard drive. Therefore, you have to ensure that you do not just make a decision base on what you believe. Take time to read and research, confirm and validate the necessary details or information for the repair of a hard drive crash.

Comparing The Data Recovery Cost

A lot of people just let their files be lost because they are way too concerned with the cost of affordable data recovery. This is true considering that the data recovery software is quite an expense to make. However, there are several websites in the internet that offers affordable data recovery cost. With the competitive market and rising demand for data recovery, customers can have variety of options to choose from. …

Dec 22

WEEK 1: With the Bills trailing, 28-24, and time running out, Flutie scrambles toward the right sideline and encounters a wall of defenders. The resourceful Peter Pan-in-shoulder-pads hurls a lateral across the field to an unattended Peerless Price, who easily goes the final 55 yards for a winning touchdown to be forever known as Musical-Chairs-QB City Miracle.

The Titans protest, but instant replay shows Flutie’s lateral to be legal. It also reveals something strange in the shape of a pepper mill stuffed in Flutie’s sock.

WEEK 2: Whiny figure skater Nancy Kerrigan and HBO’s leg-breaking crime boss Tony Soprano perform a national anthem duet, then swap cartilage and patella tendon tales at midfield with Jamal Anderson and Terrell Davis. In this reunion of Super Bowl 33 running backs, both of whom missed most of last season with serious knee injuries, Davis’ Broncos defeat Anderson’s Falcons, 5 Mile-High Salutes to 3 Dirty Birds.

WEEK 3: Dan Snyder, owner of the 2-0 Redskins, fires coach Norv Turner during the second quarter of the Monday Night game against the Cowboys after Washington’s offense goes three-and-out on its first three possessions. Snyder installs defensive coordinator Ray Rhodes as head coach pro tem and demands that Jeff George replace Brad Johnson as the ‘Skins QB.

WEEK 4: Buccaneers receiver Keyshawn Johnson gets reacquainted with his old teammates when the Jets visit Tampa Bay. Johnson fumbles away a reception late in the game, allowing the Jets to recover deep in their own end, then run out the dock on a 12-6 showcase of defense and kickers. After the game diminutive Jets receiver Wayne Chrebet tells the media: “We want to thank Keyshawn for giving us the

Dec 14

By the end of last season, the Georgia defense had done just that under first-year coordinator Kevin Ramsey. Despite having some of the most athletic and physically gifted players in the SEC, the Bulldogs fell apart and were last in the league in total yards (382.6) and passing yards (278.1) per game. Georgia also gave up 25.9 points per game (second-most in the conference) and gave up a combined 105 points to its three biggest SEC rivals (Florida, Tennessee and Auburn).

georgSo, a week after national signing day, Donnan hired his old friend Gibbs, with whom he worked during Switzer’s glory years at Oklahoma. Ramsey, hired away from Tennessee a year earlier, called the Gibbs hiring “deceitful” and called Donnan “Pontius Pilate.” That left Gibbs–fair or not–saddled as the Savior.

This is what Gibbs has walked into and why this potential Ambush in the Ozarks is more important than it looks. The Razorbacks are rebuilding, but they’ll ride into the season on an unbeaten streak at home under third-year coach Houston Nutt. Arkansas has one of the SEC’s best tailbacks in Cedric Cobbs, and hotshot red-shirt freshman quarterback Gary Brashears steers Nutt’s passing offense.

For Georgia, the Arkansas game falls one week before the much-awaited showdown with Tennessee in Athens. If the Bulldogs truly are a force in the East Division, winning a game ripe with risk is essential.

“We can’t look ahead of anybody,” says Georgia quarterback Quincy Carter. “That would be ridiculous. We’ve been pretty good the last couple of years about not looking past teams. This year, it’s more important than ever.”

Especially considering Georgia is primed to end years of heartache against Florida and Tennessee. The

Dec 14

Billick and offensive coordinator Matt Cavanaugh firmly installed Banks as the starter in the 2000 offseason. Then, they signed Sharpe, who wanted out of Denver after 10 years, seven Pro Bowls and two Super Bowl victories, to improve upon the 34 catches the Ravens squeezed out of the tight end position last season. “I told Shannon that we were going to install a system that puts oxygen in the room,” Billick says with a grin.

billickThen, they used first-round draft picks on running back Jamal Lewis of Tennessee and wide receiver Travis Taylor of Florida. All of a sudden, you could see the blueprint and the brainstorms, and Billick was spending hours on his computer drafting plays around a better short passing game that widened the field.

Then when Coates, a free-agent, five-time Pro Bowler who wasn’t re-signed by New England, was brought in, you could see Billick rubbing his hands like some madman in a lab coat.

Billick, who retooled the Vikings’ offense three times in the six years he was their coordinator, is an offensive guru who can produce a solid game plan from almost any variation of personnel. But gurus are only as good as the people playing for them, and when Billick and Cavanaugh broke down the Ravens’ offense, they saw three immediate areas of concern: instability at quarterback, an average running game and the lack of a short passing attack.

“Brian has said so many times since he got here that he’s not a guru who, all of a sudden, is going to have this magic formula in which we can do it this way or that way and win every time,” wide receiver Qadry