Mar 27

infiniti-changeMost normal people try to give you some idea why the vehicle is in for service. They call before they come in, or they leave a note with the vehicle. These individuals realize that the more information they give us, the faster we can zero in on the problem and return the vehicle in a reasonable period of time. The other folks just don’t seem to understand that in order for the system to work they have to participate. Otherwise, the whole process screeches to a halt. The two vehicles in question had no such information accompanying them. They were just there.

In California, there isn’t a hell of a lot I can do with a vehicle that is just ‘there.’ Without a signed, written repair order, I’m dead in the water. That authorization must be for specific automotive service work and it must come from the registered vehicle owner in order to safely remain within the law. Remaining within the law roughly translates to retaining any hope of getting paid if there is a problem. Consequently, we’re pretty careful about who we trust when a vehicle appears without its owner or a clear, written authorization to proceed. We have to be.

The two cars left in the driveway were left without an appointment, authorization or instructions. Nevertheless, they were blocking the driveway and we had to do something with them or effectively remain closed for the rest of the day.

Reinforcing my theory that crazies love company, both owners turned up at precisely the same moment.

Both had been to the shop with other cars and other work in the past and had left the two vehicles in question