Mar 29


Various groups and individuals representing animal agriculture and the animal health industries feel FDA has failed to substantiate, on a scientific basis, a human health hazard resulting from fluoroquinolone use in poultry. In written comments filed with the agency, industry has told FDA it believes its action was based on unfounded assumptions, selective data and inappropriate risk assessments.

The issue of antibiotic resistance, including that being associated with fluoroquinolone use in poultry, is definitely a sensitive and far-reaching matter. It is an issue that concerns those producing meat products as well as those consuming them. Nevertheless, the points industry raises should not be ignored or simply brushed aside, for if they hold true, FDA could actually be putting more consumers at risk by banning fluoroquinolone use in poultry then by allowing the antimicrobial to remain on the market. There’s no question poultry producers and the birds they raise will suffer from the product’s removal.

Much of the difference of opinion that exists between FDA and industry surrounds the assessment of risk in regard to fluoroquinolone use in chickens and fluoroquinolone-resistant campylobacter in humans. Both sides believe the use of antibiotics in humans or animals could eventually result in the development of resistance or the creation of conditions that allow the expression and recognition of resistance genes that existed prior to antibiotic use. The unknown is the degree to which this has already occurred with campylobacter in poultry and whether an unacceptable risk is created when compared with the risks resulting from the withdrawal of therapeutic uses of enrofloxacin in poultry. As pointed out by the American Veterinary Medical Assn. (AVMA) and others, these risks include reduced animal health and welfare …

Mar 11


Once a brief guided tour of the dispensary, led by pharmacist Shafeeque Mohammed, was over,Mr Murdock’s first task of the day was to check the repeat prescriptions that had already been prepared by a dispenser.

Most of it was “pretty standard stuff” and, with the exception of one incomplete prescription, the job was finished without any major problems. The help of the BNF was only needed on a couple of occasions.

As the pharmacy is directly opposite a health centre and near a hospital, plenty of prescriptions soon started coming in and Mr Murdock and Mr Mohammed were suddenly extremely busy.

Getting into the swing

Mr Murdock seemed to find his bearings very quickly and was soon turning round prescriptions quite rapidly. There was some Calpol to be measured and poured into a bottle, and 84 Deltacortril tablets to be counted up.

“We used to do a lot more counting in my day; that has changed quite a lot with the introduction of patient packs, and rightly so,” said Mr Murdock.

He would like to see the introduction of patient packs speeded up, estimating that the current split is about 60 to 40 per cent in favour of packs. He put the blame for the delay firmly on the current Government.

“The last Tory Government was going to fund conversion to patient packs, but when Labour came into power they said `no way’ and insisted that the industry paid for it,” he explained, adding that no agreement on the subject had been reached with the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee either.

“It is a huge investment on industry’s part, but one that would allow us to automate a lot more,” he …

Feb 22

Everything starts at the bottom. The leading wrinkle cream brands that are now in the top wrinkle creams also started at the bottom. How did they become that known today? How long were they at the bottom? Until now, even though there are more than 500 products included on the major wrinkle creams list, people never be satisfied. This is not like skin tag removal products, of which there are very few. Nope, they still look for something better. That is why companies still strive to find the right kind of mix that will make their new product better than their previous. It is as if they are battling against their self.wcitpl

People nowadays, like the companies, they look for the right combination as well. They try to experiment what product will be good with this and that. That is how creative people are. Products included in the top wrinkle creams are brought to their place by the people. This wouldn’t be possible if they didn’t give people free test samples when they were only starting. Tester packs or packs that are enough until the effects are visible are what convinced people to purchase their product and resell them. Most resellers are very convinced customers. They are glad that they have known the product and they don’t want others to miss the opportunity of trying it!

Peer Influences Affect Marketing Growth Of Wrinkle Creams

One of the common factors of wrinkle creams’ popularity is peer influence (read about it here). How so? Most of the wrinkle creams in the top wrinkle creams lists were not so famous before. Thanks to those who backed their advertisements, they became …