Apr 13

ghmtadMore than 30 million Americans struggle with depression and anxiety. Reasons for that are numerous, but the most common ones are losing a job or having stress at work. It seems that working too much is not affecting Americans positively. Some of them are also having panic attacks. If you are one of them, try first with home remedies for panic attacks in order to solve your problem. First of all, sit down and think about what is causing your panic attacks. Get yourself a notebook and write all your worries down.

Then purchase herbal teas like chamomile or lemon balm that are soothing nerves. Some people that suffer from panic disorder also have problems with insomnia, so these teas may help in having good sleep. If you have addictions like smoking or drinking, quit them immediately. Addictions can make your condition even worse. Even smallest addictions like Facebook can make you feel awful. So quit with bad habits at once. Try making good habits instead. For instance, read books, exercise and learn some new craft like crocheting or pottery.  Go for short walks every day and listen to the music. Good habits and healthy routine can make your anxiety disappear.

Breathing Techniques Useful When Facing With Panic Attacks

To be relaxed when the stress comes is kind of art. But it can be practiced. When you feel normal and when you are sitting home in peace, you can use that opportunity and use specialized relaxing techniques that will help you when facing with panic attacks. You should learn how to deal with panic attacks when they come, but also how to prevent them. So, prevention lays in relaxing techniques.

Deep breathing will help you relax. But not all the people know how to breathe properly. That’s kind of ironic because we all breathe and we all need air to survive. But some of us are not using the high potential of their lungs. Our lungs should be filled with as much as possible if we want our body to be relaxed. So, if you can, lay down on a bed or on some rug and practice quality breathing. Put your legs straight and close your eyes. Put your left hand on your stomach, and your right hand on your chest. Breathe slowly and examine the way you breathe. If your chests are moving up when you breathe in and your shoulders too, then you do not breathe well. You should move with your diaphragm up when breathing in and the chests should be still.

Write A Diary And End Your Panic Attacks

When the panic attack comes, people are usually advised to breathe slow and relax muscles in order to calm down. But how does it sound to prevent the attack even before it comes? You can stop panic attacks before their symptoms start to occur. The symptoms are usually fast heart beat, sweating, shaking and hyperventilating. Since the cause is usually some fear or trauma, to cure the disease it is necessary to solve the problem in its root. A person who is suffering from irrational fears that lead to panic attacks should first admit that they have fears. The admitting is necessary in this process of healing. You can admit your fears to your friends, or you can write it down.

Many therapists suggest that people consider writing in journals or diaries in order to face their fears. When you feel bad and terrified, write it down. Describe your emotions and what you feel at the moment. Try to remember if there is anything in your life that is bothering you so much that it’s causing you stress. Writing about our thoughts and sufferings can help us to overcome the problems. Try to write it regularly, every evening before you go to bed.

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